Commercial Systems

Introduction to commercial scale rainwater harvesting systems.
The economics of rainwater harvesting in industrial and commercial situations can often be significantly greater than in household installations, due to the generally higher demand for non-potable water. When there is also a large roof catchment area available, there are substantial savings to be made. These savings can be improved upon further by the installation of water-efficient WCs and urinals and other water saving devices such as flow regulators, tap aerators, etc.

Commercial systems are usually larger, more sophisticated versions of those previously described. The facility to monitor both mains and rain water can be included. Components will be larger, sized on supply and demand of water required. Stormwater attenuation may also be designed into the system as well as a reserve supply for fire-fighting for large industrial buildings. Additional filtration in the form of fine sediment filtration and ultraviolet sterilisation can also be included to achieve water of potable quality.

Such systems can be used for a variety of commercial uses; plant nurseries and garden centres, vehicle washing plants, agricultural uses, WC and urinal flushing in offices, schools and other public buildings.