A Typical System

How a typical component system, using a submersible pump and underground filter, works.
Rainwater is collected from the roof and processed by the WISY WFF vortex filter (1). About 85% is diverted into the storage tank with debris and remaining water to soakaway or storm drain in the normal manner. Smoothing inlet (2) calms the flow and prevents disturbance of the float switch and sediments.

Submersible pump (3) delivers water on demand via a floating suction filter (4) to WC, washing machine and garden tap. Combined pressure switch/flow controller (5) turns the pump on and off when required and provides dry-running protection.
Float switch (7) controls solenoid valve (6) to provide mains water top-up via a type 'A' air gap tundish (8) (compliant with current water regulations).
Pressure hose (9) and cables are ducted to the house through a 110mm drainage pipe (10).
Overflow trap (11) prevents foul odours from drains.