Sustainable Water Systems

Water is a precious resource and yet in the UK we flush much of it down the drain. A simple rainharvesting system can provide water for your toilets, washing machine and garden, letting you save up to half of the mains water you currently use.

It seems as if it rains all the time in the UK, yet resevoirs throughout Britain are stretched to the limit and we continue to use the stuff as if it's going out of fashion.

Each of us uses about 150 litres a day says an Environment Agency spokesman.
"If we had to fetch and carry that amount of water, we'd have to fill 16 buckets."
(BBC news, Nov '02)
WISY rainwater filters are more efficient, longer lasting and easier to clean than any others. Over 90% efficient, WISY filters get the maximum rain into your tank whilst diverting any debris down the drain.

We are able to offer many different types of systems for both domestic use, and for larger schemes such as schools, offices, industrial and agricultural buildings. All our systems are fully automatic so the pump only runs when water is called for and the system switches back to the mains water when there is insufficient rainwater.

This section of the website gives you an introduction to the different types of rainwater harvesting systems we can provide.

For systems intended for commercial use, it may be possible to reclaim some or all of the cost of a sustainable water system from DEFRA. Please click here for more information.

To find out more, please select a type of system from the list above. For a detailed look at all the components involved in a typical system, please click the diagram to the right.

All systems may have a mains water connection and most systems require an AC mains supply. Alterntatively our 12 volt Rainharvester system is designed to run off wind or solar energy. The choice of a particular system will depend on your application and budget.